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Jan. 24th, 2012

Gobias Industries

The Sims 3 boycott

I've found out there's a Tumblr and Facebook page for boycotting the Sims 3 game.  The boycott is only a short period of time and because of the numerous glitches and problems Electronic Arts hasn't resolved.  I don't know if a boycott would really affect the company but it's unfortunate that the players have to come to this kind of action. 

Being a Sims player from the first series back in 2001, I know from my own experience that it's gone downhill when it comes to Sims 3.  Yes, Sims 2 copied a lot of the Sims 1 expansion packs, but it was still fun to play and had new features.  Sims 3's base game has many new features compared to Sims 2, but its expansion packs don't really add anything new compared to 2.  Sims 3 Generations... :yawn: Sims 3 pets... interesting except the numerous glitches it's caused. 

My game is still on the 1.16 patch because I'm terrified what glitches will happen with a new patch.  I found out that the Generations game and its patch finally allowed an in-game cheat to EDIT your sim in CAS mode!  To finally edit their facial structures would be wonderful for me but I don't want to risk the patch!  One problem I've read about is that some people have to uninstall everything and reinstall just to get a patch working.  What kind of ridiculousness is that?

I currently own Sims 3 base game, Ambitions, and Late Night.  I would still like to get World Adventures (the first expansion) and luckily since it's an older expansion compared to Late Night, I shouldn't have to update my game to current patches.  The upcoming Showtime expansion seems to be similar to Late Night with "entertainment" careers.  DJ and singer career--there's already 2 branches in the base game Music career.  Showtime will also have a "limited collector's edition" involving Katy Perry and a couple in-game items... What a waste of money to be paying her for her name and image when this game still isn't working 100% properly!  Use the money to fix the game first!
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Nov. 10th, 2010

Gobias Industries

1-435 Engineering in 2 days & never bought from AH


I have two guild banks (one with two tabs and one with one tab for myself but two tabs are for me and friends), many bank toons, and yet I still have so much items that have no space to be stored. I'm constantly mailing items back and forth between toons. I even have a whiteboard with a list of the toons, the date, and how many days before mail gets deleted. LOL!

Two of my level 80s have 450 mining and my 73 dwarf paladin tank alt has mining at 415. This means I've got tons of ores, stones, and gems that are a part of my mail and bank items. I went ahead and wrote down a list from a engineering power-leveling site of the mats I needed and I seemed to have everything except the 450 saronite bars (900 saronite ores).

It turns out I got stuck in the 200s levelCollapse )

Nov. 3rd, 2010

Gobias Industries


This seems a bit ridiculous since the "quiz" only had like 12 questions. Where'd they get their statistics from and how many total people took this quiz. Lol.

Your Personality is Very Rare (INFP)

Your personality type is dreamy, romantic, elegant, and expressive.

Only about 5% of all people have your personality, including 6% of all women and 4% of all men

You are Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving.

Gobias Industries

What the...

I followed a link from a nice woman's page over at wow_ladies who's working on paladin tanking like me :D and found her post on the Hogwarts House she was placed in.

I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter and still love to read the books over and over. I know about the houses at Hogwarts so I never imagined being placed in Hufflepuff... I demand a recount! Lol... The description they showed before showing the final results made it sound like Gryffindor.

My Sign-Up Page at hp.7-d.org

Nov. 2nd, 2010

Gobias Industries

My current toons on my main server

I have two accounts (before the Recruit-A-Friend ever started /cry) and I'm considering making a third account to use RAF on myself in the future for that rocket mount.  The reason I made a second account a couple years ago is because I wanted to have a high level toon on one account power level an alt on my second account.  I've gone through this process a lot, especially since this was before the Looking For Dungeon tool and it was hard to get a group for any instances.  Even with the LFD out, I still use my old method of solo playing/leveling and it's worked out very well for me.

I'm not sure which toons I want to pay for transferring to PVE and even faction changing.  Most likely I will need at least one toon to become horde since my two close friends are playing horde and want to stay as horde.  I may have to transfer an extra 80 to my first account depending on my faction since I need a high level to run any low levels on the second account.

First account:
80 draenei paladin.  Retribution/2nd spec not worked on since patch --> if she becomes horde, will be a blood elf.  Mining/low-level jewelcrafting.
75 night elf hunter.  Marksman 
(my very first toon.  I had stopped playing it long ago because I didn't like it much anymore). --> will probably stay alliance since I don't play her often.  Skinning/Leatherworking.
~33 gnome warlock.  Unspec'd since patch.
~23 human rogue.  Unspec'd since patch.

Second account:
80 human priest.  Shadow/2nd spec not worked on since patch --> This is my main toon so if I become horde maybe be a troll --> maybe a female goblin later. <3 goblinsEnchanting/Tailoring.
80 night elf druid.  MoonkinHerbalism/Transmutation Alchemy.
80 human warrior.  Protection/Fury  --> would like it to become a worgen maybe.  Very badly geared and never tanked northrend dungeons yet.  Should post later about my fear of tanking lol.  Mining/Skinning.
80 draenei shaman.  Elemental/2nd spec not worked on since patch --> maybe become a dwarf for the stoneform racialHerbalism/Skinning.
73 dwarf paladin.  Protection --> if she becomes horde, it's either blood elf or tauren.  Tauren has better prot racials but I'm not decided yet.  Mining/Skinning.
60 draenei death knight.  Unholy --> would prefer not to transfer it but her inscription is kind of high and my only toon with that profession.  Inscription/Blacksmith.

One thing I think I'm set on is having one paladin horde and one paladin alliance.  My 80 ret pally I've had for a while now has more achievements, titles, pets, and the headless horseman's mount (/cheer) but I plan on playing my 73 prot pally more.  Whichever faction I think I will play more will probably have the prot pally.

Oct. 27th, 2010

Gobias Industries

Wow avatars

I need to upload a userpic so I might as well have it wow-related.

I've found some great ones at: http://community.livejournal.com/wow_icons http://community.livejournal.com/soaked/ http://liothei.livejournal.com/

I think for now I will use this dwarf icon by lookslikerain from soaked http://community.livejournal.com/soaked/57453.html#cutid1
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Where's simmer Yashila from LJ?

Does anyone remember Yashila, the Sims 2 legacy blogger? * yashila.livejournal.com *

She had one of the best Sims 2 legacy blogs I've ever read, and I've read many.  She was able to make more than one legacy and always had the best downloads from around the world in her game.  If anyone asked her where she had downloaded certain items, she'd always share.  A lot of her downloads were items I had never seen before.  She uploaded some of her own Sims that she used CAS on and even some of her own legacy Sims who were born in-game for anyone to download.

Her pictures were high quality and she worked on every single picture she uploaded by tweaking the brightness and contrast and making her blog photos have a different look compared to most blogs.  She had a knack for picking the best pictures that would showcase a generation of sims and knew how to make a storyline with humorous captions.

She was an innovator and a true success at blogging Sims 2 Legacies.  Even though she hadn't updated her blog in a long time, I'd reminisce about her stories and families and would sometimes go back periodically to read again.  Yesterday, I went to her blog and it turns out she has deleted it.  I was shocked and sad to see it gone.

I hope Yashila will come back to the Sims online blogging community again and I'll be one of the first to welcome her back.

Oct. 26th, 2010

Gobias Industries

Why I want to transfer off of Korgath

In all of my World of Warcraft life, I have been on a PVP server.  I first started playing WOW in 2007 when my coworker at the time told me about the game.  He was alliance on Kalecgos PVP (Shadowburn) with friends so he suggested I try out the game and make a toon on his realm so he could help me.  After some time, he decided to transfer to Korgath PVP (Vengeance) with his friends.  I had made an online friend in California on Kalecgos and had gotten my real life best friend to try out WOW too.  I don't really remember why I transferred to Korgath too, but my Cali friend transferred with me and my RL friend decided to make a new toon on Korgath.

My Cali friend and RL friend were tired of being on a PVP server and so was I.  They went to Eitrigg PVE (Vengeance) and started over on new toons becoming horde, but I stayed on Korgath... We were in the same battlegroup, but different factions.  I was able to go into an Alterac Valley and told my Cali friend which AV I was in so he queued for it and got in.  We met up near SFGY and took some pics.  We took turns fearing each other and not attacking.  A gnome mage showed up and started attacking my friend but he ignored my cries of "Wait! That's my friend!"  My friend pwned him though LOL.

My coworker and his friends later moved to another realm as horde then decided to come back to Korgath later as horde.  I'm glad I didn't follow them like last time and waste money on a transfer.

In my experience of being on Korgath, alliance lose a lot of BGs... Level 80 AV was the one BG (and the only BG I enjoyed) that I could count on us winning about 70% of the time.  In the last few months alliance is now losing most of those battles.  It's very frustrating having so many losses, even if we have a shorter random BG queue time.  My friends on Eitrigg horde get a lot of BG wins but they hardly ever win Wintergrasp because of the lower population ratio to alliance.

I've been researching different battlegroups/realms and I'm so set on moving to a PVE server.  I work on a lot of alts and hate having to be paranoid when I'm questing/farming in fear of being attacked or ganked.  I don't even attack any horde unless they come after me.  It's hard to find accurate info on the WOW forums for a battlegroup that wins at least 50% BGs but I'm hearing that Cataclysm will change how battlegroups work and most likely the wins/losses that factions/servers are used to having.  Sigh... Plus I have five 80's, two in the 70s bracket, and many banks on two accounts.

My RL best friend on Eitrigg horde plays sporadically since her boyfriend doesn't liker her playing and my Cali friend from Eitrigg transferred his main to Hyjal PVE (Whirlwind).  They both like being horde and I've always preferred the alliance.  I have a couple close friends on Korgath with me but we all play at different times and don't even play together.  We do our own thing but talk in our guild chat.  I kind of feel like I'm "alone" in WOW so I should put myself first when it comes to my happiness in WOW.  That means me paying for multiple toons to a PVE server... but which server?  Which faction?  Should I move to Hyjal where my friend is?  Or move to a different realm like Bronzebeard where the female guilds are?  Decisions, decisions...  I'd feel bad too if I convinced my friends to move to a certain server with me and then it turns out I can't play with them at all since I'm trying to get a job right now where the hours aren't set so I'd be playing at random times.
Gobias Industries

Blogging procrastination

I've been a gamer for about 17 years now so I know the best way to find information on my favorite videos games is by reading blogs.  I first started reading blogs on the Sims 2.  The Sims 2 and the Sims series isn't a complicated game so there isn't much information that's hard to find/learn, so most Sims 2 blogs showcase a Legacy challenge where the blogger's Sim's life and family is displayed through many generations of family.  I always love to read those because a lot of people know how to put amazing captions for the photos and it's interesting to see the great user-created items that the blogger is using in their game.

I made blogs on Livejournal, Wordpress, and most recently, Tumblr, to be able to compare which blog site had the best features.  The Tumblr blog I started on is about World of Warcraft and my Wordpress blog was for the Sims 2.  The only family I was able to post for my Sims 2 was the Burb family.  You'd think it's easy to take photos in game and the family tree and just post and caption it, but it was so opposite for me.  It was a lot of work trying to tweak the family tree in my basic Microsoft Paint program and to try to merge the maternal and paternal sides into one.  Sadly, I haven't worked on it since last year and I now play the Sims 3.  My Sims 2 have been untouched for so long.  :-(   I only play Sims 3 now when I take a short break from World of Warcraft.  I play WOW almost daily.  :-P

I would like to be able to blog, but  I'm a private person and it's not really easy to find something to share--or something that anyone would find interesting.  My life has been kind of boring for a while now but gaming has always been a hobby and even a "lifestyle" for me. 

That being said, I've been considering a transfer move in WOW and I'm really interested in the female guilds on Bronzebeard, "Daughters of the Horde" or "Daughters ofthe Alliance."  An LJ account is required so I might as well start on this page in case I apply.  :-D